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A5. S.O.T.C

Recently, I took a trip to Big Cat Habitat on a rather humid and hot afternoon.  It was great fun taking pictures of the tigers basking in their pools.  Sometimes, it is a challenge to focus so that the fences and gates ‘disappear’ from the picture.  However, this noble looking tiger posed nicely letting me capture his portrait.  So (tempted that I may be to apply a little Photoshop touchup) here is the tiger — Straight Out of The Camera.

0Y3B3286 Good Tiger Looking-2


32. Nighttime

IMG_0470Bunny Basking in Moonlight

You never know who  —  or what   —  may appear on your lanai on a moonlit night !

It was a beautiful night with full moon casting light on the lanai so I decided to experiment with my Canon M3 (mirror less) digital camera.  A stuffed white rabbit posed on a child’s white rocker allowed some little light along with much increased ISO, a shutter on “Bulb” and cooperating aperture.  Though shades were drawn on windows opening onto the lanai, some light from inside the house seemed to have filtered onto this scene.  Most surprising to me were the different shades of “white” that were captured.


40. Rusty

0Y3B3218 Frnt View Jkyd Wrhrs

Front view of the landfill Caterpillar

Last Saturday, I took some things to the e-scrap collection at the Lena Road Landfill in Manatee County, FL.  Beside the road leading to the unloading area, I spied this monument commemorating days gone by.  There sat the very rusty Caterpillar “pulling” its serrated disks that once were used to break up — or break down — materials dumped in the landfill from garbage collections.

0Y3B3233 Gd Rear View Cat

0Y3B3230 Clsup of Disks

Beyond and around this machine one can see hills created by heaping that garbage, breaking it down and continually shaping it into the hill-like structures seen in these pictures.  Of course, this machine preceded the huge crusher machines of today.  It has been several years since this rather small Caterpillar workhorse-on-tracks was driven over those heaps of waste.  It appears to have been worked long hours in all kinds of weather and now shows its age with 50 shades of rust in its worthy retirement.



14. Enclosed

Nesting dolls seem to be universal but, from my investigation, appear to have originated in Russia.  While traveling, we have discovered many countries have their own concept of these dolls.  Recently, while visiting the Greek Glendi Festival at St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church near Sarasota, I discovered many sets of these dolls showing the Greek versions.  The first picture shows the largest doll of a set that, when opened, contains the smaller one which, when opened, contains a smaller doll, etc.

IMG_0367 Crpd Nstng Doll++Fnshd

Revealed below is the entire set of five dolls.  However, some sets contain even more characters not necessarily identical but the shape is usually constrained by the need to fit into smaller and smaller containers.  Thus, features, clothing and colors are defined by painting on these vessels.

IMG_0367-2 Nesting Dolls-2&&



43. Single Tree

Though there were groups of trees casting their shadows, this tree was standing alone in a pasture located along North Cattleman Road in Sarasota, FL.  On other days when passing this site there were cattle grazing.  However, the day of my picture-taking, not a cow was in sight.  So I decided to try some filters for a different look for this lonely tree.

IMG_0184 Resized Single Tree

Away from the other trees —


21. Industrial

For the theme of “Tiny World”, I posted some pictures of the actual miniature circus that Howard Tibbals created patterning the Barnum and Bailey Circus and reflecting especially the time period 1919 to 1938.  Now his circus is displayed as part of the Circus Museum associated with the Ringling Museum and C’dZan in Sarasota, FL  As backdrop for his circus, he had paintings and 3-dimensional structures of the town’s industries and commercial scenes produced.    A line of his industrial sites is displayed along the wall showing what kind of industries were prevalent at that time.  I have included two of these industries: the “Hot Blast Coal Company” and  the “J. Allen Smith & Co. Knoxville City Mills (telling us that “White Lily” is the ‘best flour‘).  Also shown are the vast differences in manufacturing of that era: lots of manual labor and many belching smoke stacks along with many pieces of machinery that are now obsolete.  And, of course, you will notice the “Howard Brothers Circus” advertising posters pasted on the fence outside the coal company.

Click on pictures to enlarge.



48. Three of A Kind

A tasty new chewy collar!

A tasty new chewy collar!

Recently, my husband and I visited Southeastern Guide Dogs during a “Puppy Hugging” morning session. We arrived a bit early since it had been quite a few years ago that we attended one of these. While waiting, we walked around peering into the pens containing some of the cute little puppies who had just been bathed. Even though it had been a warm morning, they were huddled together in their family groups. We realized quite a change in the rules between puppies and visitors since our last visit: we were not allowed to reach into the pens to pet these little fuzzy babies even though they would bark and jump at their gate for attention. They had been weaned from their mother recently and were now sporting individually colored and patterned collars enabling their handlers to tell them apart. These collars were new to all the puppies and they were alternately fascinated and frustrated having to wear them. Many wanted to scratch them as unwanted pests. The three pictured “Goldadors” (part Labrador Retriever and part Golden Retriever) approached this problem from a different perspective. Two siblings decided to chew on the collar of their brother in the middle — one on either side. Somehow, I look at the eyes of the middle puppy and see a bit of desperation.


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