52 Weeks Of Donna's Life

Donna's Photo Challenge


5. Artistic


On the last day of the Siesta Beach Sand Sculpture contest, I strolled through these amazing creations taking pictures of them.  This particular example had such interesting textures that it fascinated me.  It was not the winner but most certainly exhibited the creativity of the artist and his painstaking attention to detail.


52. With A Ball

On the last day of the Siesta Beach sand sculpture competition, I strolled through the artistic creations taking pictures.  A professional camera crew appeared at one of these sculptures with all the reflectors, props and staging personnel.  It was fascinating to watch this process.   One of the show’s assistants told me it was a crew from Harper’s Bazaar taking  pictures for their anniversary edition to be published in the Spring of 2017.  Their model was directed to pose in various stances “with a ball”.  She was very creative with a  variety of postures using her prop.  I captured several but liked her expression in this instance.



2. Abstract




Part of the definition of “abstract”, pertaining to art, is this: “. . .Having only intrinsic form with little or no pictorial representation”. Driving past Sarasota’s Ringling School of Art and Design, I realized that there are several of these representations in a parking lot on the edge of its campus. Above pictured are a few of them. I have been trying to contact the school in quest of the artists’ names and perhaps a bit of information surrounding them . . . no luck yet.

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27. Quaint and Quirky


On a recent photo shoot at Sarasota’s Island Park, a group of us took pictures before the sun rose.  Along the bay front path, we encountered some quaint and quirky decorations.  Bikes (which have seen better days) were spray painted in pastels and embellished with sea birds perched on them.  They were scattered throughout the park and added interest for the early morning walkers and runners.  This particular bike had a bromeliad in its basket and some wooden fish ‘swimming’ around it.  Our leader told us these bikes had been painted and decorated by a staging person from one of our local theaters.


A5. S.O.T.C

Recently, I took a trip to Big Cat Habitat on a rather humid and hot afternoon.  It was great fun taking pictures of the tigers basking in their pools.  Sometimes, it is a challenge to focus so that the fences and gates ‘disappear’ from the picture.  However, this noble looking tiger posed nicely letting me capture his portrait.  So (tempted that I may be to apply a little Photoshop touchup) here is the tiger — Straight Out of The Camera.

0Y3B3286 Good Tiger Looking-2