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48. Sun Flare

The sun as seen through our front yard palms

The sun as seen through our front yard palms

The sun flare shown here was accomplished by stepping out my front door since my photo journeys have been curtailed lately. While looking at this capture, I am wondering if bracketing might have afforded better color in the picture. It has made me wonder how best to portray this scene and still maintain color and description. Oh well, back to the books!


9. Drops of Water

Skiing barefoot!

Skiing barefoot!

In the winter season in Sarasota the Ski-A-Rees water skiing team performs each Sunday afternoon on the bay near the Mote Marine facility. The team is composed of some young skiers with a lot of athletic ability who are just learning to do the various formations and tricks on skis. Others on the team come from having had experience at different water-skiing venues throughout the United States. In this picture, a more experienced skier is skiing barefoot which requires the towing boat to be traveling at faster than normal speed coupled with a strong, athletic and experienced skier at the end of the tow rope. This skier fit the profile perfectly as he skied barefoot past the audience creating a great spray of water drops.


6. Bridge

Ringling Bridge from St. Armand's Circle to downtown Sarasota, FL

Ringling Bridge spanning Bird Key to downtown Sarasota, FL

One of Sarasota’s newest bridges, the John Ringling Bridge was a long time coming. Now that it has materialized, the populace seems to be liking it but there were quite a few years, while in the decision-making process, many people thought it best to keep the original drawbridge and, in doing so, keep an authentic look to Sarasota.

A foot bridge in Adventure Park leading to Paws Park.

A foot bridge in Adventure Park leading to Paws Park.

Every day, I walk over this smaller arched bridge in our local park. It is a popular bridge for picture-taking. Most often, there are parents taking pictures of their children, high schoolers taking “selfies”, graduates recording their milestone and even an occasional bride and groom accompanied by their photographer. It is, after all, a very picturesque little bridge.


23. Lamp Posts

More modern looking lamp posts leading to  Marina Jack Restaurant

More modern looking lamp posts leading to Marina Jack Restaurant

These lamp posts line the walk into one of Sarasota’s restaurants located by the Bay. The more modern look fits nicely with the building’s clean lines of architecture.

These lamp posts are copied from an earlier time period.

These lamp posts surround The Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall in Sarasota.

Note that the lavender color of these lamp posts fits in well with the lavender and purple theme of the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Incidentally, it was the widow of Frank Lloyd Wright who selected this theme for the Hall.


A2 Circles


Last Fall, my husband and I went to the Loomis Brothers Circus in Bradenton. It was a small circus but had several animal acts — including elephants and tigers. Individual performers were featured including a young lady who was a master of the hoola-hoops. She used several hoops at a time incorporating all kinds of twirling and balancing to demonstrate her prowess. During one part of her performance, she had at least ten hoops in motion around her body at one time. The pictured balancing / twirling act thoroughly impressed me. While balancing on one leg she kept these “circles” moving around her legs and arms. Or course I would be impressed since I never really mastered the art of spinning one hoola-hoop!


A5. Reflections


While searching Sarasota for pictures to fit some of our 52 Week Challenge categories, I spied this reflection of the Sarasota Garden Club. Even though I had been at meetings there, I never stopped to “see” it from this perspective. The nearby pond provides a neat reflection of the surrounding trees and building.


20. Interpretation of Art

0Y3B1756-Animal Stencil

In Sarasota, Florida, there is a pleasant Bay Front Walk winding around the edge of the bay by some condominiums, past the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall, the Sarasota Garden Club and other venues along the shore. It affords wonderful views of the bay along with the refreshing breezes so welcome during some of our warmer weather. While strolling around this area, I captured an unusual plaque / picture (?). It really looks like a “stencil” billboard or could hark back to the “negative” from camera film. It is quite slender when viewing it from the side and when looking it from the front you see a rather abstract image — it looks like a galloping horse to me.


This plaque really accommodates those walking here since its picture allows the viewer to look beyond and into the bay area through the stenciled picture. An added benefit to its placement is that the stencil allows the breezes to flow through the picture.


Along this same walk, is another attraction — a purple cow standing near the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall. Perhaps it appeared during the days when cities and towns were decorating cows, pigs, and geckos and exhibiting them by their business establishments and city centers. It reminds me of the nonsense poem, “The Purple Cow” — “I never saw a purple cow. . .”

0Y3B1588 Prpl Cw 5 +


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