52 Weeks Of Donna's Life

Donna's Photo Challenge

4. Biggest Fear


Cosmetic SnakeNothing strikes fear in me to a greater extent than when I see or encounter a snake  —  any kind.  This Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake is mounted on a wall of a local Florida restaurant.  The original owner of this restaurant has also built an adjacent riverside campground and did most of the land clearing by himself.  In the process, he encountered many of the local indigenous creatures (many of which were snakes) and had them stuffed and mounted on the walls of his restaurant.  Believe me, it’s the only way I want to get this close to a snake  —  especially this kind!


Author: donnagf1

An enthusiastic amateur photographer, I enjoy picturing the events, people, animals and things in my life. And so joining in the "52 Week Challenge" of interpreting life through a lens sounds as if it will be a lot of fun -- presenting my view through the lens and seeing how others in our photography group interpret their views concerning a given subject.

4 thoughts on “4. Biggest Fear

  1. I share your fear. I’m not sure I could eat with that hanging around nearby.

  2. Scary! It looks interesting to get close to stuffed!

  3. I share your fear of snakes. As a kid, my brothers and I hiked frequently and guess who they placed in front to “scare away the snakes?”

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