52 Weeks Of Donna's Life

Donna's Photo Challenge

15. Faces in Everyday Places (Pareidolia)


0Y3B2162Biohazard Sign++

While waiting in the pre-op with my husband, I saw medical personnel tossing contaminated articles into a rather large receptacle marked with the familiar “biohazard” sign. Used bandages, rubber gloves, thermometer covers, etc. were dispatched to this box. I realized I was staring at it because I perceived a rather sinister face within the converging circles. It is a sinister looking face with scowling eyes and eyebrows extending into what appeared to me to be devilish horns. A bulbous nose had a malevolent looking extended mustache right below it. Whoa! Maybe I am spending too much time looking at it. Does this fall into the category of subliminal suggestion? (Note: The picture shown here was taken in another part of the hospital.)


Author: donnagf1

An enthusiastic amateur photographer, I enjoy picturing the events, people, animals and things in my life. And so joining in the "52 Week Challenge" of interpreting life through a lens sounds as if it will be a lot of fun -- presenting my view through the lens and seeing how others in our photography group interpret their views concerning a given subject.

8 thoughts on “15. Faces in Everyday Places (Pareidolia)

  1. Donna, I’ll never look at one of those signs again without seeing that ugly face.

  2. Hmmm… I think it looks like a sock monkey face.

  3. imagination is a wonderful thing! nice one.

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