52 Weeks Of Donna's Life

Donna's Photo Challenge

18. Holiday Spirit


Christmas Angels in Salado's Park

Christmas Angels in Salado’s Park–Note that one angel is patriotic.

Definitely a Texas bench!

Definitely a Texas bench! (Click on picture to see why)

"Susan Marie's" Shop Door

“Susan Marie’s” Shop Door

During the Christmas Holiday, we visited with our son and his family in Austin, Texas. After a few days of celebrations and feasting, we took a ride to a small, historic town north of the city. Our destination was The Village of Salado where the shops and stores still boasted Christmas decorations. An interesting place, it was founded in 1859 at the Old Military Road crossing of the Salado Creek. At that time, the local Bell County leaders encouraged the building of Salado College that was simultaneously established. A viable settlement ensued with agricultural and industrial enterprises including a grist mill by the Salado Creek. The Salado College existed until 1885. From 1890 until 1913, the old stone college building became a private high school, Thomas Arnold High School. Among its graduates was a Rhodes Scholar. The Chisholm Trail followed Main Street and stage lines servicing Central Texas included Salado as one of their stops. In 1869, the town boasted the first bridge built in the county, a wire cable suspension bridge which stood until the great flood of 1900. By 1884, Salado was a thriving town but soon the railroads were built to the north and east of town drawing most of the trade away from town. The late 1880’s saw the town’s population diminishing until, in 1914 its population was but 400 and by 1950 its population was just slightly over 200. Rebirth of the town began in the 1940’s with gradual growth as people became attracted to some of its dining and cultural amenities. As we meandered through the quaint shops, it became evident that this town is a drawing point for those seeking area antiques, art galleries and crafts in addition to unique cultural activities.


Author: donnagf1

An enthusiastic amateur photographer, I enjoy picturing the events, people, animals and things in my life. And so joining in the "52 Week Challenge" of interpreting life through a lens sounds as if it will be a lot of fun -- presenting my view through the lens and seeing how others in our photography group interpret their views concerning a given subject.

7 thoughts on “18. Holiday Spirit

  1. Great shots Donna. Are the Angels carved out of one piece of wood? They look so interesting. Nice bit of history. I wish I had known about the area when we lived in Oklahoma, it would have been a good road trip. There are so many interesting places to visit in our own country! 😊

    • Thank you — and yes, the history of our own country is fascinating and worth knowing!

    • At a distance they appeared to be a weathered (oxidized) metal. But as I got closer they appeared to be made from plywood and fitted together to make a standing angel — something we might have done with a strong cardboard for table decorations. Thank you for your kind comment.

  2. The Village of Salado sounds like a peaceful little place. Thanks for the history and the photos (of course).

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