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46 The Color Pink


46 The Color Pink

This lovely pink rose was captured beautifying the garden of the Choo-Choo Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The hotel is an historic building which once housed the city’s railroad station that served as an important hub in the South during the Civil War. Some of the rail cars have been transformed into hotel “rooms”. The rose garden is located in what was a busy knitting of tracks and railroad cars behind the main building and adds a lovely touch to the revamped hotel and its grounds.


Author: donnagf1

An enthusiastic amateur photographer, I enjoy picturing the events, people, animals and things in my life. And so joining in the "52 Week Challenge" of interpreting life through a lens sounds as if it will be a lot of fun -- presenting my view through the lens and seeing how others in our photography group interpret their views concerning a given subject.

5 thoughts on “46 The Color Pink

  1. The dew/rain drops make the photo interesting.

  2. Picture perfect! I’ve heard several references to the Chattanooga railroads now, and on my travels, we’ve always been passing through town, but at the next opportunity I’d love to stay there now!

  3. A beautiful photo for the theme . . .

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