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39 Shallow Depth of Field

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39 Shallow Depth of Field

On a stroll through the Antique Cars Museum of Sarasota, there were some cars I never before had seen or knew they ever existed. However, one car stood out from the rest as recognizable and distinguished. Through the years it seems to have been a signature car of royalty, the rich, and the famous. It is the Rolls Royce — and here you see the rather large hood ornament of an old ‘Rolls’.


Author: donnagf1

An enthusiastic amateur photographer, I enjoy picturing the events, people, animals and things in my life. And so joining in the "52 Week Challenge" of interpreting life through a lens sounds as if it will be a lot of fun -- presenting my view through the lens and seeing how others in our photography group interpret their views concerning a given subject.

One thought on “39 Shallow Depth of Field

  1. I enjoy the Antique Car Museum. The camera club went there on a field trip and everybody got some fantastic photos. Great depth of field with the Rolls Royce hood ornament.

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