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16. Group Portrait

The Grand Finale

The Grand Finale

Each Sunday of this Fall at 2:00pm, from September 7 to October 26, the Ski-A-Rees ski team performs along the shores of Ken Thompson Park in Sarasota, Florida. This group is a diverse group reflecting a wide range of ages and talents. There are moms and dads along with college age and high school performers. Many have skied with other water ski teams at various U.S. venues. However, all of them demonstrate great athleticism, strength, and ability to work as a team. I had heard about this group for years but finally went to see them last Sunday afternoon. It was a great show with ideal weather. The “Group Portrait”, incorporating 15 of the performers, was part of their grand finale.


27. Musical

Each Saturday morning downtown Sarasota, Florida, hosts a farmer’s market encompassing several streets that have been blocked to traffic. Quite a few years ago, at the onset of this weekly market, there were vendors selling fruits, vegetables, nursery stock, homemade baked goods and some craft items. That was ‘then’. Now this early morning gathering has added many different vendors: fish mongers, sausage sandwiches, gourmet coffees,various herbs and spices for what ail you and any number of places where one could buy flowers for your loved one. I think I spotted a masseur — I could continue but you probably have seen this or one market similar to it. It has been years since I ventured to the market but this was a special day — there was to be a featured jazz band for the entire morning! It was there I captured the pictures of the man playing the flugelhorn along with the trumpeter. Then, as I retreated to my car with my camera, I spotted several street guitarists playing and singing to passerby’s for contributions. Caribbean sounds emanated from an alcove where one man was creating music from his twin steel drums. All the music served to create a festive mood for the morning throngs.

The fluglehorn player during a riff

The fluglehorn player during a riff

The trumpeter looked the part --

The trumpeter looked the part –

Creating a Caribbean atmosphere

Creating a Caribbean atmosphere


High Above

Our camera club visited the Drum Circle at Sarasota’s Siesta Beach (in Florida) one very warm Sunday evening recently. It was my first time at this event and there were lots of people and activities to see and photograph. But I became aware of a constant whirring sound which did not seem to be emanating from within that circle. Suddenly the source of the whirring appeared high above the crowd of people and, using my camera lens, I saw more clearly what this “thing” was.

It's a bird?

It’s a bird?

It's a plane?

It’s a plane?

It's a camera drone! ! !

It’s a camera drone! ! !


Four Letter Word


It was a beautiful night for the Siesta Beach Drum Circle in Sarasota, Florida, and I was photographing the activities of people inside the circle. Some were dancing, some prancing, gymnasts performing and children generally enjoying romping and playing. A young, supple girl was performing backward flips and splits in a rather professional way. She performed a full split near where I was standing and when she was touching sand, I heard the man standing beside me say “OUCH”. It made me smile because I was thinking similar thoughts. So this has become my “Four Letter Word” picture.


34. Patterns

Patterns occur all around us. Many are seen in nature and our culture has included many of these to design and beautify our surroundings. Our advertising incorporates many patterns to help identify certain brands. As I looked around for some good examples to photograph, it seemed my camera was always somewhere else. Reckoning that there must be nearby examples, I began looking for patterns around the house. There they were. Those tissue boxes really did have patterns that help to brighten them. Gone are the brand logos (they are torn off when opening the boxes) and the rather drab-looking boxes one had to hide in another box to make it presentable. Actually, they have become rather bright and cheery — in spite of — A-CHOO!!!

0Y3B0556Blue w-lime flwr

0Y3B0550Red Block-1

0Y3B0567 Scrolling*


49. Two of Us


About two weeks ago, our photo club went to Siesta Beach in Sarasota. Florida for an evening photo shoot of the drum circle. A wide circle had been carved into the sand and a sort of centerpiece was erected. Not having been there before, I was interested in the drummers who set the mood for the evening (from 6:00pm to 10:00pm) with their drumming. People of all ages participated within that circle by interpreting what they felt or heard from the beat and rhythms of the drums — or by just prancing. So I was taking pictures of two of the drummers and their drums as they readied for a rather long “gig” of drumming for those four hours. Imagine my surprise when I looked at what I had captured. A light blanket had been thrown over their heads and shoulders. It is still a puzzle to me — Stage fright? — Camera shy? — Sun too bright? — Too cold? — Sharing a secret between the “Two of Us”??? Okay, it’s your turn to guess.


44. Someone Working

Someone Working

A couple weeks ago, when the Loomis Brothers Circus was in Palmetto, we went to see the show. First act finished, intermission allowed for children to ride the huge elephants while the circus workers set the stage for the second act. Props were in place, house lights were dimmed and the spotlights flashed on. Meanwhile, workers went into action with sawdust and wood chips cleaning what an elephant’s ‘nature call’ left behind. They swept and scooped in the spotlit ring readying it for Act II. The show must go on! (And you thought your puppy was bad!)


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